"MABEL - Forever in our hearts"

"2015 – Shiloh – loved by all. Taken too soon."
Lucille Annabelle 
January 26, 2014 - December 29, 2014
"Loved by adults, children, babies, big dogs, small dogs, and felines alike, "Lucy Goosey" was everyone's best buddy. If you asked for a kiss, she'd run right over and plant one right on your lips. Those big slobbery kisses are missed every single day. Your paw print is forever etched into our hearts."

"You will be missed every single day and I thank you so much for the joy that you brought to my life."
"In the short time we have known you, we miss you like you've been with us your whole life. We wish we had more time together. Run free little girl."
"I miss you and think about you every day, give a big kiss to Spike, Champion, Chelsea and J from me.” - mom
Tyro - Your daddy loved you, you will never be forgotten. 
RIP August 2013.
Tonsi was found drowning under the heavy rains of Hurricane Irene, her Mommy had been killed by a tree that fell on her while having her litter.  We rescued Tonsi and 3 others, fed them with droppers while our Blacky (male poodle) played Mom and Dad keeping them warm under his shaggy hair.  Only 2 survived and have been inseparable for 13 years.  Tonsi became ill with a tumor (cancer) this past year and after many visits to Veterinarian specialists, we lost her to that horrible disease on 8/22/13.  We miss her terribly but we know that she is resting in peace! The beautiful memories she gave us will always remain in our hearts!!! We LOVE YOU TONSI!!!!! 
 Snow - Little guy, you did not even have a chance at life.

 Jake - You were a very strong kitten, and you touched our hearts as well as the vet staff. We loved that you enjoyed climbing everyone's shoulder to go for rides, that put a smile on everyone's faces. All you wanted was love from us...we miss you.

 Tom Tom - We are so sorry we lost you so suddenly, you will not be forgotten big guy.

Geno - You were so special and you touched everyone that was around you. You were a strong kitten with the best personality. We miss you.

Hope - "06/11/2007"
Einstein - We miss you buddy...

05/04/94 – 01/18/12
"We will miss you and love you always...
Our little Kooshie boy!"
Your mommy loved you very much.
She is so sorry for what happened
and she thinks about you every day.

Thor - Thanks for trying to stay strong for us, you put up a good fight. 

You were a great kitten Noodles. Your brother misses you.
We are sorry you got so sick.

"In memory of our sweet Mimi. We adopted Mimi 
in November of 2007, she was around five years old. 
We had five wonderful years with her. 
She needed us, and we needed her. She was a 
part of our  family and we will miss her very much."
- Love, Lisa and Nicky