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In 2020, we ADOPTED OUT 262 cats and dogs!

Acclimating Your New Family Member

Adoption through Lady Luck Animal Rescue, Inc. is a lifetime commitment. We thoroughly screen each application and seek to make the best fit for our adopters and animals. Because our dogs and cats are living in foster homes, we have a firm grasp on their needs, personalities, and activity level. Before adopting, we encourage you to put a lot of consideration into what you are looking for in your new pet and to be realistic in your expectations. With an open heart and an open mind, your rescue dog or cat will be your new best friend.

Our #1 adoption rule is to have patience. There is always an adjustment period for your dog or cat to get comfortable in your home. Change can be stressful for pets and for people, so it could take a few days to a few weeks (and even longer for cats!) for your rescue dog or cat to feel fully settled in and comfortable in your home. As long as you are gentle, take time to bond with your new pet, and to build your relationship, we promise that you will have an amazing and rewarding experience!